Safarigate – QTKitServer Process Kills Safari and My Mac

Safari Gate

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Gate is probably a word that Apple likes the least so with that in mind I’m taking the time to write about the latest Applegate and you heard it here first – Safarigate!

Besides the bug I am reporting about here you’ll find it interesting to know that Apple censored my post about this on their discussion forums. The post was removed almost immediately after it went live.

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What’s new…

Coming soon…I’ve spent the last year evaluating a few things and working on some personal projects. This site will be coming to life again soon in early 2013. Please check back after that…it’s about that time to kick it off…finally…at last.

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Google Voice Search Stomps Siri In Snuffleupagus Search Test

Google’s search app on iOS had no problems finding Big Bird’s famous furry friend. ¬†Siri, on the other hand, couldn’t find him to save its life.

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