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Another iOS 6 Map App Partner Appears Unexpectedly

Another iOS 6

It looks like the number of partners tied into Apple’s new iOS 6 mapping solution is growing. We were sent this little tidbit from a user with access to the iOS 6 beta release. They were using the new Map application at WWDC today when it crashed and this little tidbit was revealed:

Subsequently the iOS 6 Maps app crash also generated an email alert. That alert was sent to an invalid email address at

Skobbler GmbH appears to be another company that Apple is partnering with to provide geographical data for the new iOS Maps app. You can get more information about this company from its Open Street Map Wiki entry.

It is common knowledge that Apple is using maps provided by Open Street Maps for their new mapping solution. However, we were not aware of this apparent partnership with Skobbler GmbH a company that currently sells its own mapping app called ForeverMap in the iTunes App Store.

How exactly all this ties together remains to be seen, but it is likely that Apple may have acquired Skobbler GmbH or its services to integrate into iOS 6.